All About Me:

  My name is Patti Stevens and I have always had a great love for the arts and design. I have a B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in Design. I also have a B.A. in Marketing/Business and an Associates Degree in Interior Architectural Design and currently working toward my M.B.A. in Vocational Education.

   I have worked the past twenty years in the retail industry but always on the creative end. I have done visuals and store interiors for multi million dollar retail chains. I have staged events for the stores and of course always with impeccable customer service skills.

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‚ÄčAbout Us!

 Mission Statement:

   Shades of Orange is dedicated to supporting the fine arts in a creative, safe, learning environment that will encourage imaginative thinking as well as individual interests and skills; always with a sense of fun and wonder for children and adults.

Why An Art Studio?

   Nine years ago I found that it was time to do what I truly love, and Shades of Orange was born. I think an art studio lets everyone find their creative self. I also feel this is very important to children, especially those who do not get enough of it in school and just love to do it. There is no right or wrong in creating and once technique and mediums are introduced to the student..the sky's the limit! Most of all it's a lot of fun to discover your creativity at any age.


From Dewitt
Take 481 north to Circle Drive /North Syracuse exit...stay to the right and turn right..Take a left at the light at Hogan Rd..Pawn king o0n the corner then your third right(after the Hyundai dealer) into Driver's village follow signs to the Nissan dealer..we are right next door at the Blue entrance.
From Camillus
Take 690 east to 81 north...
take exit 29N to 481 north then exit at the circle drive/ north Syracuse exit. take a right ,then a left at the light at the  Pawn KIng (hogan rd,) You then take your third right (after Hyundai)into Driver's village and follow the signs to Nissan we are right next door at the Blue entrance.

Take 481 south to North Syracuse exit..take a right onto Route 11 then another right at Tully's. at the Pawn KIng (hogan Road) on your left take a left at that light then the third right(after Hyundai) into driver's village, follow the Nissan signs. we are right next door at the blue entrance.

From Central Square
Take 81 south to 481 north exit
exit at circle drive/north Syracuse..take a right then a left at the light at the Pawn King (Hogan Road) you take your third right (after Hyundai) into Driver's village and follow the signs to Nissan.. We are right next door at the blue entrance