Birthday parties include all decorations, paper products and goody bags. We personalize each party by painting the name of the birthday kid on our front window for everyone to see! 

YOU BRING: A cake/cupcakes, drinks and any food you like to serve.

Ages 5+

Design a fairy land complete with a miniature fairy house, decorated to your liking. Create fairy furniture out of flowers, give them a garden to visit or a safe place to spend the night! So much fun to do! 

Cost: $215/10 children...$16 for each additional child.

***Add face painting for you and all your party guests to any party package for an additional $25!***


Ages 5+

It's a Shades of Orange summer exclusive! Book your mermaid party today! We will create a beautiful mixed media mermaid on canvas, and we'll also make mermaid slime! Top it all off with a beautiful beaded bracelet, and you're ready for the beach. 

Cost: $230/10 children...$16 for each additional child

April 2019

​4/14(Sun) 1-3

4/20(Sat) ,4-6

4/21 Easter


Ages 4+

A party doesn't get much prettier than this. If you love glitter, then this party is for you. Invite your friends far and wide to paint a beautiful unicorn on an 8x10 canvas AND make a magical rainbow wand! Top it off with rainbow decorations and confetti...and you have a completely perfect party.

Cost: $220/10 children...$16 for each additional child.

Party Packages

Available Party Dates 

Harry Potter Party

Ages: 6+

This party starts with a quiz it might be which house you are in,or maybe what your patronus is..

then you can choose from our Harry potter paintings and paint our famous wands that we love so much...finish off the party bt making a slime potion that will fit inside a special jar...So much fun for all you Muggles,,,

Cost:  $230/10 children...$16 for each additional child


Ages 6+

 This is a fan favorite! Throw a birthday bash for you and your doll! (American Girl dolls might come to mind here, but any 18 inch doll can join in on the fun!)

1. Jewelry - Create jewelry boxes and matching bracelets for you AND your doll!
Cost: $220/10 children...$16 for each additional child

Ages 5+

Oh, it doesn't get much gooier than this! Parents, you'll be happy to host this one outside of your home. We're going to put together a big old mess of slime, and we want to work with you on whatever slime theme you'd like! We can help you make your very own jar of unicorn, mermaid...or maybe even galaxy slime! You'll also be taking home a notebook/journal with a slime window. or an 8x10 canvas to match your slime jar in mermaid, unicorn or galaxy theme!

Cost: $225/10 children...$16 for each additional child. 

**All parties are required to pay for a minimum of 10 children **

May 2019

5/4(Sat) 10-12 4-6

5/5(Sun) 10-12,1-3

5/11(Sat) 10-12,1-3,4-6

5/12(Sun) 10-12,1-3

5/18(Sat) 10-12,4-6


5/25(Sat) 4-6

5/26(Sun) 10-12,1-3


Ages 4+
Choose from Marvel comics, Frozen, Mine Craft, Disney...the list goes on! We have just about anything your child loves.

 How it works:
1. We print the characters for kids to color.
2. Kids paint an 11x14 canvas background for the characters.
3. We then attach the characters to make it 3 dimensional.
Big hit for everyone!
Characters are not always wanted so you can just paint a picture too...we have many to choose from!

Cost: $220/10 children...$16 for each additional child


Ages 5+

Do you love all things ice cream?! Then this party is for you! Choose from a few different ice cream themed paintings to create on canvas, and make an ice cream squishy! You bring cake, but we'll provide the ice cream, complete with a make your own sundae bar. 

Cost: $230/10 children...$16 for each additional child

Special Edition LOL Party

ages 5+

Everyone loves LOL dolls and so do we...We will Paint on canvas and divide the canvas into 4 rooms to make for your paper LOL dolls. We will attach velcro to the dolls and rooms, so you can move them around to each room.

This is a fun one!!!

​Cost: $220/10 children

$16 each additional child

Birthday Parties

**New Party**


Ages: 5+

We've fallen complete victim to the Bows by Jojo craze! Come out with all your Jojo lovin' friends and paint the top of her cute little head on canvas, then top it with a bow! While your paintings dry, you'll craft and decorate THREE different bows...all with velcro backing so you can change it out on your painting! Super cute!

​Cost: $220/10 children...$16 for each additional child.

Please note: Due to the high volume of birthday party bookings (thank you!) we would greatly appreciate it if you would use our online booking form. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you have any additional questions, please send an email to We love your phone calls, but since we are always on the go it makes it too easy for all of your info to get lost in the shuffle!

Add extras to your already fabulous party

add slime to any party for your guests.Containers included...$25

add face painting for your guests...$25​

add ice cream sundae bar...$25

includes vanilla ice crean chocolate sauce,whipped cream, oreos,marshmallows, gummi bears and sprinkles..


Ages 4+

With this super popular concept, you'll be able to create the perfect painting along with your party guests. YOU decide on your theme and then we will come up with two options for you and your party to choose from. From horses to sunsets, we can help you come up with the perfect creation for your party!

Cost: $220/10 children...$16 for each additional child (11x14 canvas)

Cost: $240/10 children...$16 for each additional child (16x20 canvas)