Tuesday February 19th from 9-noon

ages 5+ $30

Smowflake Art..Painting.Drawing and crafting for this one..Lots of fun mixed medium techniques and creating a beautiful canvas and drawings...you will love these results..also making our famous snowslime!!! Snacks included.

Thursday February 21st from 1-3:30​

Ages 5+ $30...Ocean art...

Whats in your ocean? do you have mermaids..sharks whales..narwhals? pick one to paint and then add more ocean life.

​Make an aquarium in a jar...This is a good one.Snacks included.

February 18th from 1-3:30

ages 5+ $30.

Paint winterbirds! Choose from 4 paintings,then we will make some really cool and easy bird feeders that will go right on a tree branch...Snacks included 

​slime for this one..

Thursday February 21st...9-noon Ages 5+

Galaxy Art the zodiac..$30

Come paint an amazing galaxy picture with acrylic and splatter paint then we will paint on wood and create a galaxy zodiac theme to hang in your room which will be individualized just to you

​Also galaxy slime...Snacks included.

​​​​Wednesday February 20th...9-noon

Ages 5+ $30 The Art of Donuts...

We of course will make donut squishies and then we will paint a donut  painting and make some minatures in clay ...

This is a good one!!!

Winter Break camps

Friday February 22nd...Disney Dresses..suggested ages are 6+ 9-noon...$30

We are going a little girly for this one..Try your hand on designing Disney dresses..We will be drawing and painting in watercolors some of our favorites..This is a first for us and I think you will love it!!!

snacks included!

Tuesday February 19th from 1-3:30...$30

ages 5+ younger welcome with a parent.

Unicorn Magic ages 5+ but younger welcome with a parent.

Everything unicorn...A painting, some jewelry and a unicorn jewelry box plus a magic unicorn wish bottle for all you wishes and dreams...Snacks included.